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Unleash the Future of TV Apps with LightningJS​

LightningJS is a powerful framework for developing high-performance TV apps. It ensures smooth, responsive interfaces, rapid development, and easy integration with these Comcast platforms. By leveraging LightningJS, you can create engaging, user-friendly TV apps that enhance the viewing experience on Comcast X1, Flex, Xumo TV, and Xumo Stream Box.

Smooth and responsive user interfaces even on hardware with limited resources.
Easily integrates with existing TV ecosystems and third-party services
Easier to develop and deploy apps across different devices.

Unlock the power of Comcast platforms with our expertly crafted TV apps using LightningJS. High-performance, visually stunning, and user-friendly experiences. Reach a vast audience, leverage advanced features, and enhance your app’s potential with our cutting-edge development solutions

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